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Xtreme Remodeling and Construction was founded in 2014 and has been operating in the neighborhoods of Vancouver and surrounding areas ever since. We specialize in custom remodels that can we can design and execute to your needs. 

Our clients are happy with our attention to detail and it's no mistake that our slogan is "Quality Matters." We use the latest processes and technology available with the combination of high quality materials in order to give you a job that looks as good from 6" as it does from 6 feet. 

About the Owner



Eugene is the owner/founder of Xtreme Remodeling and Construction. He was born in Latvia and moved to the United States with his parents and five siblings when he was 11 years old. Eugene lived in Woodburn, Oregon until he got married and moved to Vancouver, Washington.

In 2014 Eugene opened up his own construction company. He had been working in the construction industry for many years prior, working with his dad. It had always been his dream to one day open up his own construction company.

Eugene is very detail oriented and strives to provide quality work to all his clients. He is always on the lookout for new and improved products/technology in order to create high-quality, durable work for clients.

Eugene enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and four children. In his spare time, Eugene enjoys fishing, hunting and pretty much anything that brings him outdoors.

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